File close error

Charles Seman Charles.Seman at NOAA.GOV
Wed Jul 30 11:40:17 EDT 2008


I've made the mistake of trying to close a file # other than the last
one opened... so the files must be closed in reverse numerical order...
for example, if files 1, 2, 3 were opened, then they must be closed as
3, 2, 1... (in a script: 'close 3' ; 'close 2' ; 'close 1').

I hope this helps,

John_Bacon wrote:
> Hi
> Having opened several files and used the /set dfile/ # command to make
> them active, where # is the file descriptor,  am having difficulty in
> closing files again them? However I try to use close file# I get an
> invalid file number error.
> Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong.
> Cheers
> John Bacon


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