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Michael J Murphy mjm at HAWAII.EDU
Thu Dec 18 01:46:43 EST 2008


  I am trying to plot model level versus pressure at a point (the only varying dimension is in the vertical).  I have run into an issue with controling the x & y axes.  I have searched the manual and archives but have been unable figure out how to control the beginning and ending values for an axis in such a plot.

The axes ending point that is automatically used in my plot is 1200hPa whereas I want a value closer to 1000hPa.  I have added my script to the end of the email, any advice will be greatly appreciated.


'set lon -157.6'
'set lat 21.525'
'set lev 0 39'
'set grads off'

'set gxout contour'
'set xyrev on'
'set yflip on'
'set xlint 3'
*'set ylint 100'
'd pressure'

'draw ylab Pressure (hPa)'
'draw xlab Model Level'
*'draw title ml vs pressure (over sea)'
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