how to position the colorbar vertical

Colleen Mikovitz j.c.mikovitz at NASA.GOV
Mon Dec 1 10:11:22 EST 2008

Hi Mald,

You will need to run it as:
'run cbarn 1 1'

The first "1" is the scaling factor; you can change the size of the
bar with that number.  The second "1" forces a vertical bar.  Note you
can similarly force a horizontal bar with "run cbarn 1 0'


On Nov 27, 2008, at 9:22 PM, Mald MM5 wrote:

> Dear any user,
> I am using the script. I would like to place it always in
> vertical on the side no matter if the page is open in landscape or
> portrait. How do I achive this. I have tried:
> 'run cbarn vert 1'
> but it doesnt seem to work. I am using version 2.0
> Thanks
> Mald

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