binary raster files in GrADS

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Hi there - I'd first try open them with a remote sensing package eg
envi/arc/erdas etc which may be better suited to this than grads. I
suspect that the .bil extension may be a format specific to arc, though
it could also be band interleaved by line which would also not be
readable by grads.
    You may though be able though to create your own descriptor file
provided the data is in a grads readable format, from the information in
the header file, have a look  at the  section on descriptor files in the
    Good Luck

Dan Leins wrote:
> All,
> I am trying to download and view a gridded dataset of 24hr snowfall
> from NOAA/NOHRSC using GrADS. So far, I've downloaded the dataset in
> question, un-tarred it and briefly read through some information about
> the data type.  It would appear to contain 2 files, one a text header
> and the other a binary raster file.  Does anyone know if GrADS will
> accept this as a data type, and if not, how to convert it to something
> a little more "GrADS-friendly"?  I've worked with binary files in the
> past so I'm aware that GrADS can use binary files so long as there is
> a control file specified, however I wouldn't even know where to begin
> looking for or creating a control file from scratch.
> The data in question can be accessed here...
> Thanks,
> Dan

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