level in WRF2GrADS control_file

Cindy Bruyere bruyerec at UCAR.EDU
Mon Jul 9 09:29:30 EDT 2007

WRF2GrADS plots above sea level and not  above ground level. So in
many placed 10m will be below ground after the conversion.
If you are interested in 10 meter  wind use the U10 and V10 from the
model output.


On Jul 9, 2007, at 5:13 AM, Patrick Reuter wrote:

> Hi everybody !
> I am interested in wind forecasting 10m above ground, in local areas
> (land/sea effects, mountains ..). I run WPS, WRF and then WRF2GrADS do
> draw beautiful GrADS maps.
> The problem I have is that, above land, there is no information. What
> is the level that I have to set in the control_file to get output for
> 10m above ground (terrain following) ?
> Any help would be very appreciated !
>    Patrick

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