problem: grib to ascii

Mantas Marciukaitis mantas at ISAG.LEI.LT
Mon Jul 2 04:16:17 EDT 2007

Hi everyone, 

my name is Mantas, I'm doing my PhD in wind power prediction and I am trying to use Grads to decode HIRLAM grib to ASCII. I need wind components from a limited number of grid points from one level, say level 60. I have found that "wgrib" is capable to do that, but it extracts data from all the grid points, which then I have to cut out with Matlab. 
Also I have tried "gribmap": I have set the lat and lon and lev, then I used "set gxout print", but the resulting data was on the GRADS window, not in the file. 
I tried "set gxout fwrite", but the output format is binary. Could anyone tell me, how can I get wind components from certain lat and lon in an output ASCII file? I would appreciate your help.

Mantas Marciukaitis
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