Lat Lon label size?

Mary Jo Nath Mary-Jo.Nath at NOAA.GOV
Fri Aug 31 14:00:11 EDT 2007

Use "set xlopts " and "set ylopts". From documentation:

|set xlopts /color <thickness <size>>/|
Controls aspects of axis display

      |xlopts|            controls the X Axis
      |/color/|              Label color (Default 1)
      |/thickness/|      Label thickness (Default 4)
      |/size/|                Label size (Default 0.12)

Ditto for "set ylopts".


Ertl, John C CIV 63134 wrote:
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> I feel like I should have found this but I have looked in the Doc and
> I could not find how to make the Lat Lon labels larger.  I found how
> to turn them on and off  and change the interval but not change the size.
> Thanks,
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