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Mary Jo Nath Mary-Jo.Nath at NOAA.GOV
Thu Aug 30 10:35:13 EDT 2007

You could use "gxeps" to convert the metafile to encapsulated
postscript. This differs from "gxps" in that it trims the excess white

Also, like Ivan said,  ImageMagick software is really useful.  The
"convert" command can operate on various file formats.  Among its many
options is a "-trim" option to remove excess white space.  You probably
would need to use a few other option, though, to control the resolution
and quality of the image. ("+antialias", "-density", "-resize" are few
that I use often on grads images.)


Ertl, John C CIV 63134 wrote:
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> One more problem for today....
> I have gotten the plots to look great but I have bunch of white space
> around the plot.  Is there a way for GrADS to produce an image that
> does not have all of the white space around it.  I have to make the
> image about 3in by 3in and the extra white space makes the plot even
> harder to read.  I might be able to do this post process but I would
> rather get it in GrADS.  I was thinking maybe setting the plot size to
> be the same size as the page size but....any ideas.
> Thanks again for the great help
> John Ertl
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> *From:* Mary Jo Nath
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> *Subject:* Re: adding text to images
> John,
> I'd use a grads script to return the XY coordinates of the sides of the
> plot using "q gxinfo", then use "draw string" to plot labels relative to
> the 4 corners.  Include something like this to  get the X and Y values
> of the sides of the plots:
> 'q gxinfo'
> xvalues=sublin(result,3)
> yvalues=sublin(result,4)
> * xl = plot starts xl inches from left
> * xr = plot ends xr inches from left
> * yb = plot starts yb inches from bottom
> * yt = plot ends yt inches from bottom
> xl=subwrd(xvalues,4)
> xr=subwrd(xvalues,6)
> yb=subwrd(yvalues,4)
> yt=subwrd(yvalues,6)
> The lower left corner of the plot would be at "xl" "yb". Upper left at
> "xl" "yt". Upper right "xr" "yt". Lower right "xr" "yb".
> MJ
> Ertl, John C CIV 63134 wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > I have a plot that looks great except that when I change the lat/lon
> > of the plot area the image resizes and some of the labels that I have
> > placed (using draw string) in the corners of the image now no longer
> > draw in the correct place (I guess they draw in the same place but the
> > image has changed its dimensions.  How can I have a label show up in
> > the plotted area and stay in the corner even when the plotted area
> > changes.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > John Ertl
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