Grads Developers! problem with options template?

Sestak, Michael L CIV 63134 michael.l.sestak at NAVY.MIL
Tue Aug 14 12:13:02 EDT 2007

I don't think you should have the :00 in the z time on the TDEF line.  It should be just

TDEF 744 13z1jan2007 1hr

From: northrop grumman
Sent: Tue 8/14/2007 7:11
Subject: Grads Developers! problem with options template?

I have data sets which begin at 13z each day and
contain hourly data for 24 hours..
1jan07.dat (contains data from 13z1jan - 12z2jan)

I have discovered that using the following lines in
the control file...

options template

TDEF 744 13:00z1jan2007 1hr

produces a bigtime mistake.
It plot the first 11 hours of data correctly (ie.,
13z-23z) but when it gets to 00z on 2jan it plots 13z
on the 2nd. Basically it skips the last 13 hours of
each file.

When i use:

TDEF 744 00:00z1jan2007 1hr

it will plot the data correctly albeit with the wrong

Is this a bug in GrADS?


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