oacres and station data

Isilda da Cunha Menezes isilda at UEVORA.PT
Sat Aug 11 06:00:46 EDT 2007

Hello Matt!
You must have the ctl file that specifie  the stations data, you should
also have a binary file of an unitary grid that cover the whole area of
the stations and a ctl where it specifies this grid. Attention that the
date from both ctls has to be the same ones. After running the command
stnmap (I use the stnmap -1) you should open both ctls in the grads and
not to forget defining "set dfile 2" for the open file in second place.
Then display the data with the command oacres( grid variable, stations

Best regards

> Good Afternoon,
> I am attempting to convert station data into gridded such that it can be
> contoured and not just appear as regular station plots but I am not quite
> sure how to do that.  I already have my data in a grads readable format
> and
> can display it as a station model, however I seem to be having some
> difficulty moving beyond that.
> I (as well as at least one other GrADS user I have spoken with) would
> really
> appreciate it if someone could give us some step by step instructions on
> how
> to deal with this.  Do we have to have another file open that contains
> gridded data that GrADS will interpolate to?  I have attached the sample
> station data file I am working with in case it might help; I am looking to
> contour the "tmp" variable.
>  Thanks again very much for your help, we really appreciate it.
> Cheers,
> Matt

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