simple problem, but can't figure out, please help

bernd.becker at METOFFICE.GOV.UK bernd.becker at METOFFICE.GOV.UK
Thu Aug 2 02:02:33 EDT 2007


open file.ctl

set lat a b
set lon c d

draw map

gives a map between abcd .


On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 15:20 -0400, JEFFREY S GALL wrote:
> Grads users,
> Im trying to create a plot of just my background map in order to show
> the areal extent of
> my domain.  The only time I know how to draw a map, however, is when I
> do a "d variable".
>  Im sure it is just a one line command that I need to use, but I am
> not sure how to do
> this.
> Please advise.  Thanks in advance,
> Jeff
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