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Frank Colby Frank_Colby at UML.EDU
Fri Jan 13 09:00:58 EST 2006

Hi Marco,

I want to reiterate what Davide has suggested, namely that the DSET line
in the control file must be set correctly.  And unlike Davide, I do run
Grads on windows, in addition to Linux.  Because it is so easy to set
envrionment variables in Linux, the installation is more
straightforward.  I know there is a way to set similar variables in
Windows, but I have managed okay without them.  Here's what I have done
on my Win2000 computer.

I installed Grads where it wanted to be, which was in the Program Files
folder.  I created a new directory, c:\gradsfiles, and put the Grads
data (.dat) and control (.ctl) files in this directory.  In the .ctl
file, I adjust the DSET line to read

dset c:\gradsfiles\2003Mar04_norsg.dat

where the data file is the 2003Mar04_norsg.dat file.

Then, after I start Grads, I type

open c:\gradsfiles\2003Mar04_norsg


open c:\gradsfiles\2003Mar04_norsg.ctl

either way works.  Incidently, when you get far enough with Grads to
want to use scripts, I have had great luck putting all of my scripts in
the "lib" directory, which is one of the directories created by the
Grads installation program.  Scripts in this directory can be run
without specifying the full path.  For instance, to run the script
called xsec (the file is, I only need type


and the script runs.  If the scripts are in any other directory, I must
specify the full path.

I hope this helps you get started -- Grads is a wonderful tool once you
get acquainted with it.


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