creating CTL inside a GS script

Jose Augusto Paixao Veiga jaugusto at CPTEC.INPE.BR
Thu Jan 27 10:43:02 EST 2005


I am creating inside my grads script a CTL archive, however I would like to
put it in an other sub-directory where I am having no success to do this,
how could I do this correctely?

the following example creates my ctl in the current directory where I am
running the script, however I would like to put it in an other subdiretory,
for example.....\home\veiga\CTLs\, how can I do this?

write (prec_control.ctl,'dset ^CTRL_PREC.bin')
write (prec_control.ctl,'undef  0.100000E+26')
write (prec_control.ctl,'title  Controle CCM3 model 1961-1990')
write (prec_control.ctl,'xdef  289 LINEAR   0.000000  1.250000')
write (prec_control.ctl,'ydef  181 LINEAR -90.000000  1.000000')
write (prec_control.ctl,'zdef  1 levels  1000      ')
write (prec_control.ctl,'tdef  360 linear 12Z01JAN1961 1mo')
write (prec_control.ctl,'vars  1')
write (prec_control.ctl,'prec  1 99  Convective+Large-scale precipitation
rate [mm/day] ')
write (prec_control.ctl,'endvars')


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