GRIB from CERA data base

Jose Augusto Paixao Veiga jaugusto at CPTEC.INPE.BR
Mon Jan 24 07:51:21 EST 2005

Hi dears,
I would like to know if some of you have been dowloaded and used data from
CERA gateway? My question adresses it because I am having the following
using the command: file.grb > file.ctl

I have the message:

Big problem:
  either file.grb is missing or not a grib file
  or wgrib is not on your path

However, when I do the same thing for grib data extracted from IPCC homepage
, for example,it works, and this two archieves is in the same sub-directory,
becouse this I discard the message "... wgrib is not on your path".

Dears, What must been happen?


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