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Thu Feb 3 13:56:05 EST 2005

Hi Mike
    Apologies, I did not read your post correctly, you'll need a c or
fortran program to get it in a grads readable format for display - there
are more talented programmers on the list who can help and may have
posted something in this regard (look at the archives).
     With what I sent you you will only be able to assign the values to
    Depending on what you want to do you may find that something like
gnuplot is better suited for the purpose.  note that exec is for batch
scripts in grads, you would need to run your script: ie ga> run
       Jean Pierre

Mike Notaro wrote:

> Thanks Jean Pierre.  I wrote a script containing the following
> to read a simple ascii formatted dataset:
> ret = read('/tmp/file.dat')
> date = subwrd(ret , 1)
> var1 = subwrd(ret , 2)
> var2 = subwrd(ret , 3)
> and when I tried "exec", I get an error
> that says "Define error: No file open yet. Exec error..."
> What am I doing wrong?
> -------
> My other question is if it is possible to read a netcdf file containing
> variable(time), without lat or lon.  I get the error regarding the
> absence of a discernable X coordinate.
> --------
> Thanks,
> Mike

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